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I-Console (API) and Operators are subject to the EULA license of KryptonWare Solutions L.L.C.

This is the website for the last-generation I-Console (API) Old, which is being phased out in favor of the new iConsole (Web Player) by KryptonWare Solutions L.L.C. As the process of phasing out the last-generation API is ongoing, you can still register to use the last-generation I-Console (API) Old for SNES, Game Boy (Color), and CHIP-8, but the NES has moved to the new iConsole (Web Player).

The I-Console (API) Old is active and working perfectly. Feel free to register and use it. Read more about us

I-Console (API) Manual

This section is the documentation for the I-Console (API) system. Please select from the menu to the left. Details and examples will appear as you select the topic.

Why use the API

Using this API will allow you to run our latest software emulator on your website. No need to update software because we will update your software every time there is a update for one of our software emulators.

Documentation is heavily written for our software and if all instructions are followed correctly, you will see a emulator run and load a game without any error on your website.

This API was created by getting the community's feedback. Not all requested options are implemented yet but this kind of API allows for expandability and letting the community work with it as if they had their own binary installed.

Recommended Steps

Here are some recommended steps to follow.