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What is I-Console? I-Console is an online Multi-Platform emulator. Play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) online, Play Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) online, Play Game Boy online and Play Game Boy Color online. All our games can be played online.

Play your favorite games, just a click away.

I-Console.com is built on HTML using Java to run directly in your browser's window to emulate the game of your choice. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required. Get it free at www.java.com

Do you want to use I-Console on your website? Go right ahead, we encourage it! Click on I-Console (api) old located on the footer of every page.

Support Us with AstroL!nk

In order to lay the groundwork for the new generation of emulation technology from Emulation Collective and KryptonWare Solutions, we need the help of Players Like You™ to set up the processing and networking framework for forthcoming features such as network multiplayer. To achieve this goal, you can help Emulation Collective by donating your idle CPU time-the unused potential of your computer when you're not performing an intensive task-to help us create a global connected environment to help us reduce ping times and deliver great performance for network multiplayer.

How to Use

Simply use the download link below, unzip the file, and double-click AstroLink.exe

Download AstroL!nk => AstroL!ink 1.0